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Catawba Yacht Club Masters rowing prides itself on offering its club members an amazingly beautiful sport that promotes a healthy mix of fitness, recreation, and competition.   The crew has a long history of competitive racing and routinely participates in a few regattas each year as well as various other events as members see fit.   Included below is also summary of results for the Crew over the years.   Results go back decades despite the limited set listed.   Inquire about our long tradition of recreation and racing.

Yearly Regattas:

 Two sprint races:
  • The Dogwood (Oak Ridge, TN)
  • SE Regionals (Aiken, SC).
Two head races:
  • Head of the Hooch (Chattanooga, TN)
  • Head of the South (Augusta, GA)

The Team also makes appearances at:
  • Masters Rowing Nationals
  • Head of the Charles

A quick glance at historic results for Catawba Yacht Club Rowing

Note on Abbreviations:
In competitive rowing events, abbreviations are used for different boat classes.
M8+ = Men's eight Sweeping.  Reference from Wikipedia

2019 Results:

Scenes from the venueAccomplishment
Head of the Charles - Boston Mass

CYC was well represented at the 2019 Head of the Charles Regatta this year.  HOC is the premier head race in the world, second only to the Olympics in prestige.  Over 10,000 rowers participate and there are an estimated 350,000 spectators over two days.

On Saturday the Men's 8 rowed in the Senior Master's 8 event.  CYC finished 20th out of 41 which guarantees an entry for next year.  This event is handicapped differently than most master's rowing events. Every crew that beat CYC was several years younger.  The former Australian Olympic team came in second.  Needless to say there was stiff competition and CYC was well represented.  Most importantly the entire crew had a great experience and look forward to competing next year.  

2019 South East Regional Championship

June 2019: CYC put in another strong performance. 
Sixteen CYC rowers entered 19 events and took home 13 medals:  4 Gold, 6 silver, and 3 Bronze. 

Highlights of the event were the Men’s double in the F age group, where CYC's two entries took home gold and silver in a field of six boats.  CYC’s mixed 8 (E group), with four men and four women, took gold again, repeating their 2018 performance.

Other Golds went to the Mens Quad and the Mens Four (both F-G age group).  Overall, CYC came in fifth in terms of points, which is impressive given our 19 entries compared to the top three point recipients who had between 29 and 48 entries
2019 Masters Nationals

August 2019:

Thirteen intrepid CYC rowers (and three indispensable ground crew) travelled to Grand Rapids, Michigan to compete in the US Rowing Masters Nationals Regatta which was held from

One hundred forty-nine clubs competed in 220 races. In most events, there were so many competitors that there were two or three heats, with only the top 2 or 3 boats in each heat making it to the finals.  Some of our rowers were in three or four races a day.

CYC came home with 2 silver medals in the Women’s and Men’s Open 4-.  In addition, the Women’s 4X took home a bronze medal.  Unfortunately, the regatta was cancelled mid-day Sunday.  Our boats would have been strong contenders in two additional races. 
2019 Head of the South

Nov 2019 the Head of the South
Four Races, five medals.  That was the story for the last regatta of the season.  

Fourteen Masters rowers made the trip to Augusta, Georgia for the races. 

We took gold in the Mens 8, the Mixed 8, and the Men’s Quad.

Boats also took silver in the Double and the Men’s Quad.  That’s gold and silver in the Men’s Quad.

2017 Results

Scenes from the venue Accomplishment
 Head of the Charles - Boston Mass

 2017 was the year the Mens 8+ began entering the Head of the Charles.  Sporting the teams signature HiViz this year, we entered the lottery 53rd and fought our way thru the crowd to finish 14th, almost causing an international incident by nearly crashing into the esteemed Crew from China (who were in our way)
South East Regional Championship

June 2017 Medals:

Gold - MM8+ Phillips
Gold - W Open 1x Moore
Gold - MM4+ Parziale
Gold - MxM4x D-F Gilmore
Gold - MM2x EF Jeffrey
Gold - MM1x F Walthall
Gold - MM4x DG Phillips
Gold - MxM2X EG Jeffrey
Silver - MM2x EF Gilmore
Silver - WM8+ Wollerman
Silver - MxM8+ McGuire
Siler - MxM4x C Durand
Silver - WM4x E Lambla
Bronze - Mxfam 2X - Dalton
Bronze MxM4x D-F Phillips
Bronze - MxM4+ D - Parziale
Bronze - MM2x D Durand
Bronze P/Child 2x Moore
 2017 Masters Nationals

 August 2017 Medals:

Bronze - MM2- Gilmore/Walthall
Bronze - MxM4x F Gilmore
Bronze - MxM8+ E Gilmored
Head of the South 

 Nov 2017 Medals:
Gold - MM2x Durand/Phillips
Gold - WM4x - Wollerman
Gold - MM8+ - Phillips
Gold - MxM4x - Gilmore
Gold - MM4x - Dalton
Silver - MM2x Jeffrey/Dalto
Bronze - WM4x - Lambla
Bronze - MM1x Novice Ty Hensley
Bronze - WM2x Wollerman/Hensley

2016 Results

Scenes from the venue Accomplishment
 South East Regional Championship
June 26, 2016 Medals:

Mens Double 2x:
Silver - E:  H. Durand/P. Gilmore
Silver - D: C.Parziale/R Rabassa
Mens Quad 4x:
Gold - D:   H. Durand/P. Gilmore/C.Parziale/R Rabassa
Parent/Child 2x
Gold:  Carl & Tyler Parziale
Silver:  Henri & Raphael Durand
Dogwood Masters Classic

May 22, 2016 Medals:

Mens Masters 4+
Gold: H. Durand/B. Walthall/P. Gilmore/T. Phillips 
Mens Masters 4x
Gold: H. Durand/B. Walthall/P. Gilmore/T. Phillips 
Womens Masters 4x
Silver    J Lambla/K Crenshaw/N Teaff/M McGuire
Mx Masters 4x
SilverJ Moore/L Edwards/T Phillips/H Durrand
Mx Masters 2x
Bronze  J Lambla/P Gilmore
Mens Masters 2x
Bronze  B Walthall/H Durand

2015 Results

Scenes from the venue Accomplishment
Head of the South

 Nov 14 2015 Medals:

Mens Masters 4+
Gold: C. Parziale/B. Walthall/P. Gilmore/T. Phillips (H. Burnett)
Mixed 2x
Gold: S. Arnett/C. Parziale
Womens Masters 4+
Bronze: L. Edwards/N. Teaff/M. McGuire/G. Mahoney (C. Spillane)
Mens Club 4x
Bronze:  B. Walthall/H. Durand/P. Gilmore/T. Phillips
Womens Masters 2x
Bronze:  K. Crenshaw/J. Moore
Southeast Regional Championships

June 27/28 Medals:

Mens Masters 4+
Gold    C. Parziale/H. Durand/P. Gilmore/T. Phillips (M. McGuire)
Mens Masters Ltwt 2x
Gold    B. Walthall/P. Gilmore
Mixed Family 2x
Bronze    B. Walthall/N. Teaff
Mixed Masters 4+
Silver    M. McGuire/K. Crenshaw/C. Parziale/H. Durand (M. Mildenberg)
Mixed Masters 4x
Silver    B. Walthall/N. Teaff/M. McGuire/T. Phillips
Silver    K. Crenshaw/J. Moore/C. Parziale/H. Durand
Mens Masters 2x
Bronze    P. Gilmore/T. Phillips
Silver    C. Parziale/H. Durand
Womens Masters 4x
Gold    K. Crenshaw/M. McGuire/J. Moore/N. Teaff
Mens Masters Ltwt 1x
Silver    B. Walthall
Mens Masters 4x
Gold    B. Walthall/H. Durand/T. Phillips/P. Gilmore
Bronze    B. Walthall/N. Teaff
Parent Child 2x
Gold    L. Moore/J. Moore
Bronze    H. Durand/R. Durand
Silver    C Parziale/T Parziale
Oak Ridge Dogwood Regatta
April 26, 2015 Medals :
Gold - Mixed Masters 4+ - Parziale, Phillips, James ,Edwards 
Silver - Mixed Masters 2x - Moore, Dalton
Gold - Mens Masters 4x - Gilmore,Phillips,Durand, Walthall,
Silver- Womens Masters 2x - Blackburn, Moore
Silver - Mixed Master 8+ - James, Teaff, McGuire,Gilmore,Phillips, Walthall, Durand, Lambla, J Dalton

2014 Results

Scenes from the venue Accomplishment
Head of the South 
Head of the South Medals
MM4+ 1st
MM4x 1st
Mx2x   2nd
WM2x 2nd
South East Regionals
Catawba South East Regional Medals
MM2xLT 1st
MxM8+ 1st
WM2x 1st
MM4x. 1st
Mx4+ 1,2
WM4+ 2nd
 MN1x 2nd
MM4+ 2nd
Mx2x  2nd
WM4x  2nd
MM2x 2nd
Mx4x 2,3
Dogwood Regatta
Dogwood Regatta Medals
MxM2x 2nd
MxM2x 3rd
MxM4x 3rd
MxW4x 3rd
MxM8+ 3rd
USRowing Masters National Head Race
US National Head Race  Medals
MM4x 1st
M1x 1st
MxM8+ 1st
WM2x 2nd
WM4+ 2nd.
Canal du Midi Rally
Special Mention:
In 2014 nine members of the Catawba Yacht Club participated in the Canal du Midi Rally in France.  This is a week long row from Toulouse to the Mediterranean. Rowers from all over the world participate in this event.   The crew averaged rowing 40-50 km per day, and consumed plenty of bread, wine and cheese over the 7 day race.

Read More about the event...

2013 Results

Team Accomplishment
Head of the South

M8+ 1st WM4+ 1st
M4x 1st
Mx2x 2nd
M1x(AB)  2nd
M1x(CE)  2nd
M1x(F)   2nd

Dogwood Sprints

MM8+ 1st
MxM8+ 1st
WM4+ 2nd
MM8+  2nd
WM8+   3rd
MM4+  3rd


May 22, 2016 Medals:

Mens Masters 4+
Gold: H. Durand/B. Walthall/P. Gilmore/T. Phillips 
Mens Masters 4x
Gold: H. Durand/B. Walthall/P. Gilmore/T. Phillips 
Womens Masters 4x
Silver    J Lambla/K Crenshaw/N Teaff/M McGuire
Mx Masters 4x
SilverJ Moore/L Edwards/T Phillips/H Durrand
Mx Masters 2x
Bronze  J Lambla/P Gilmore
Mens Masters 2x
Bronze  B Walthall/H Durand
May 22, 2016 Medals:

Mens Masters 4+
Gold: H. Durand/B. Walthall/P. Gilmore/T. Phillips 
Mens Masters 4x
Gold: H. Durand/B. Walthall/P. Gilmore/T. Phillips 
Womens Masters 4x
Silver    J Lambla/K Crenshaw/N Teaff/M McGuire
Mx Masters 4x
SilverJ Moore/L Edwards/T Phillips/H Durrand
Mx Masters 2x
Bronze  J Lambla/P Gilmore
Mens Masters 2x
Bronze  B Walthall/H Durand

The Head of the Chattahoochee [Hooch] is a rowing regatta held in Chattanooga, TN. and is one of the world’s largest rowing regattas, with 2,000+ boats racing over two days.  More than 9,000 seats are rowed. 1,200 boats compete on Saturday alone, more in one day than any other regatta. Participants come from over 200 different organizations and in 2012 the regatta welcomed crews from 27 different states.   The regatta has hosted teams from Canada, Germany, Sweden and Australia.  Catawba Yacht Club Masters and Youth teams compete every year and are proud of our results in such a prestigious event

CYC Rowing Head of the Hooch Medal History

2019   M8+ Gold;  MxM8+ Gold,  MW2- Silver,  MM4x  Bronze  Club 2nd overall
2018:. M8+ Silver, MM4x Bronze, MxM4x Bronze, MxM8+ Gold
2017: M8+ Gold, MM4x Silver, MxM4x Bronze, Parent/child 2x bronze
2016:  M8+ Bronze, MM4x Silver
2015:  MM4x 2nd
2014: Mostly Rained out
2013: MM4x 2nd, MM2- 3rd
2012: MM4x 2nd
2011: MM4x 2nd, MM2- 3rd
2010: Mx4x 3rd
2009: MM2- 1st, Mx4x 2nd
2008: Mx4x 1st, MM2- 2nd
2007: Mx4x 1st, MM4x 3rd
2006: Mx4x 2nd

2003 MW4+ silver
2001 MW4+ Gold


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