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Why Rowing

Rowing is the new spinning

Die-hard spinners are jumping off their bikes and on to … rowing machines? Yes, it's true....Here's why: Rowing just might be the most efficient exercise ever. "With each stroke, pretty much every part of the body is used," says Stella Lucia Volpe, an exercise physiologist and professor of nutrition sciences at Drexel University in Philadelphia and an avid rower. And it may let you skip crunches—for good. "A big part of rowing is core strength," she adds. "People think it's all arms, but rowing is much more legs and core."
Rowing Training

Rowing has become popular not only with aspiring oarsmen and women, but with the general population who see it as an effective form of fitness training.

The success of the Concept 2 rowing ergometer has meant that health club members can develop substantial rowing-specific fitness without ever taking to the water. Several events now exist purely to test the competitor’s proficiency on an indoor rowing ergo.  Read More...


On Water Training and Practice 

Although Rowing machines (aka The Erg) are fantastic workouts, nothing beats being on the water with a crew for an intense and tranquil workout.   Although the technique for rowing is easy to learn, it takes much practice to hone to a fine skill.     CYC Rowing trains on the Catawba River launching from the Catawba Yacht Club docks.   The team will Scull and Sweep row with singles, 2 person, 4 person and 8 person boats.   A typical workout/training session for experienced rowers generally consists of an 8km to 12km row.   The team rows on the water  3-7 days a week depending on the season and weather

Off Water Training Ideas


Concept 2 Workout of the Day
Each day Concept 2 offer three workouts to help you stay on track with your training. Choose from the short, medium, or long workout depending on your goals and schedule for that day.   Sign up here...

Some workout ideas:
4 Killer Rowing Workouts
20-Minute Total Body Rowing Workout

   Circuit Training
 Another great way to prepare for rowing, or a healthy life,  is to incorporate  weight-based high repetition circuits into your work outs.  The combination of Anaerobic and Aerobic work is a sure way to get fit, burn tons of calories, and train for regattas.   The author of this segment did workouts like this circuit in college using barbells made from cement filled coffee cans.     We'd recommend a trainer, gym and real weights :)
Click here for a suggested workout
 Back care, ten minutes at a time
Imagine a rowing world where no rower rowed for more than ten minutes consecutively and no rower suffered a back injury. That is what Bob Cummins, Doctor of Chiropractic envisions.  Unlike common training practices of including long, continuous rowing session, Cummins says keep it short. “The most common injury in rowing is the low back injury. Rowing for long distances, or long intervals at high intensity, is a sure way to injure your back,” says Cummi 
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Getting Included

Catawba in the Virtual Rowing Challenge

Posted: Jan 2015
Each year Concept 2 hosts a virtual rowing competition exclusively based on their rowing machine.   The Virtual Team Challenge (VTC), runs every year from January 1–31. and has teams competing from all around the world.    Team standings and rankings are published here.

Learn to Row

Posted: Jan 2015
Each year CYC hosts a weekend session designed to give new rowers the basics of Sweep and Scull rowing and to bring in new members to the club.   This years Learn To Row session will be published soon, stay tuned for details
Sculling uses 2 oars and the configurations are called Single, Double,  or Quad
Sweeping uses a single Oar. and the configurations are called Pair, Four, or 8
Glossary of Rowing Terms
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